About Fueguia 1833

Founded in 2010 in Buenos Aires by Julian Bedel, Fueguia 1833 is a unique concept in the universe of the worldwide perfumery. The source of inspiration is Argentina, the land where Bedel was born and where he spent his childhood. The land being an inexhaustible source of stimuli for creating new fragrances, and the brand being a personal tribute to the history, art, music, and nature that distinguish the vibrant culture of South America.

The name "Fueguia 1833" is a tribute to the age of scientific explorations and the meeting between the naturalist Charles Darwin, the navigator Robert Fitz Roy and the native of Tierra del Fuego - Fueguia Basket. The heart of the brand lies in Patagonia, within its virgin territories, fiercely dominated by the nature. This is the environment in which one can find those native sought-after species, cultivated and distilled with the support by the local community and universities. Vertically integrated, the company is responsible for every action: from the constant and meticulous research of precious natural botanical ingredients; to the conception; formulation; manufacturing; the creation of handmade packaging, and the presentation in their own boutiques. Thanks to this unique approach, characterized by the direct management and control of each step in the process, and the vision of its founder

Julian Bedel, Fueguia 1833 is also a pioneer in sustainable fragrance production. Sustainability plays a major role in the foundation of the company and in the actions it takes.


Fueguia 1833 is a brainchild of the talent of its founder Julian Bedel. Besides being the inspiring mind behind each scent, Julian devoted himself personally to their development in formulation and production processes by blending together different precious essences that make up the soul of each scent.

Since the brand's inception, Bedel uses only certain natural ingredients, being often very unique and used for the first time in perfumery. These ingredients being used in perfumery are also a great challenge due to the fact that climate change affects the availability, quality and prices of the different botanical species. Because of the scarcity of these ingredients, Fueguia 1833 produces only limited series of fragrances, using the finest natural ingredients available at the time of production. Each bottle shows the year and the lot number of the fragrance that is enclosed – a progressive number from 1 to 400 being engraved on a crystal bottle of each perfume.

Therefore, each set of the fragrances represents a unique set of characteristics and peculiarities of the naturalingredients used in the formulations made by Bedel himself.

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