Skin Sanitizer



Announcing a new special product, our sanitizing collection: Fueguia BioActive Molecules. Incorporates four types of disinfection into one product working synergically. 

Stabilized Chlorine dioxide (CIO2), a safe compound known for it's effectives in deactivating SARS-Coronavirus, Antrax, Influenza, Hepatitis B, etc. combined with 45 medicinal plants with a proven biocide effect, 70% organic ethanol and a surfactant (soap) that acts breaking the virus lipid bilayer. 

The exponential growth of this pandemic accelerated the launch of this project which has started last year. 

We will donate part of our monthly production to the Milano area hospitals and hopefully beyond - for every bottle sold we will donate another one. 

Available in 30ml in our Biophotonic bottles.

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