• Aromatic Family: Floral Floral

  • Core Notes: Paradisone, Damascones


Inspired in the most basic notion of the Suprematism Manifesto of Malevich. “Feel the beauty”. Basically don’t reproduce the beauty of reality, like could a picture of Rembrandt do, but rather create only with feelings. Analogous to a flower, and going through my research of the aromatic headspace of plants performed by Roman Kaiser, Julian decided to create an imaginary flower, using more than 130 natural identical molecules, using the same ingredients that natures use but in a twisted way, only based in Julian’s perception, adding the challenge of doing it once, without rewriting anything, but rather starting from the more heavy weighted molecules, layer over layer, to the ethereal opening of certain salicylates and acetates. But specially the incredible Firmenich captive molecule of Paradisone, 1R,2S- (+)-epi-methyldihydrojasmonate , which is 800 times more powerful than its enantiomer, in Hedione. 


Important Note:

Fueguia 1833 formulations contains:

· Biodegradable ingredients

· Musk of plant origin

· Ethanol of organic origin or Jojoba Organic  with the oils

· Natural exotic ingredients

· Blend of essences always undergo a long maceration processes


Fueguia 1833 formulations are 100% FREE from:

· Polycyclic musk compounds (PCM such as Galaxolide, Cashmeran, etc)

· UV filters

· Synthetic preservatives

· Synthetic dyes

· Ingredients of animal origin. VEGAN perfumes.

· Animal testing

 Our products are produced in Limited Editions batches of 400-600 bottles.  Every single batch is different from each other due the nature of our ingredients which are distilled also in small quantities.

Our prices could change from batch to batch - we call them Editions - due to the extreme price fluctuation of natural ingredients and the scarcity of premium qualities. In order to maintain the quality we need to pay more for them.

All our products, including our packaging are: Formulate, produce, macerate, bottled and packaged by Fueguia 1833. 100% of our products are manufactured by Fueguia 1833.



 Disclaimer: Our perfumes are created using natural ingredients of the best quality in the world, though some ingredients are known to produce allergic reactions on some types of skins (for example, lavander angustifolia, jasmin grandiflora, neroli, oak moss, bergamot, clove, rose damascena, etc.) as a prevention always try a small amount of the perfume in your hand or arm to see if you experience any reaction. 



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